Dr. Mehul shah and Dr. Shreya shah, eye care professionals, after completing their Graduation and Post Graduation, being inhabitant of Dahod, falling in the second largest tribal belt of India, felt the need to initiate similar work in its neighboring villages. For that reason they started a clinic “Drashti Netralaya”, with the help of meager amount form parents and bank loan for the purchase of basic equipments(instruments) before 18 years (March-1992). They started working as private practitioners, keeping the actual goal in mind. Saturday’s were devoted as free days with the literal meaning “free from cost”.

People slowly started recognizing the work. Eventually Saturday’s came to be recognized as “Ophthalmic Mission Activity”. The requirement of free services increased day by day and need was felt to extend it to Fridays too by the end of a year. Work proceeded for 6 years (up to May-1998) in this similar routine and a basic infrastructural unit was developed which could handle 5 to 6 cataract surgeries per day with intraocular lens implantation by phaco emulsification machine.

Over the years people recognized this work and started donating to this noble cause and thus emerged a need to register these activities. 3 June 1999 marked a new beginning into this venture for the actual goal as OPHTHALMIC MISSION TRUST received its registration certificate from Gujarat Government. They worked as private practitioners from Mondays to Thursdays and for Ophthalmic Mission Trust on Fridays and Saturdays for 2 years.

Surprisingly, at end of these 2 years work profile stating that 60% of work was for Ophthalmic Mission Trust (Charitable Work) out of 33% of weekdays! (Fridays and Saturdays). These 60% free of cost of work were backed up only by their own private income. The demand of free of cost work increased and increased.. so they donated their hospital with all equipments and practice to OM trust on 1st april-2001 and they started working as paid servants of this trust ….. and the Journey started…….


The Journey: By Grace of GOD, by blessings of Patients, by help of Donors, by efforts of Staff & Volunteers and by support of Yours.