Sight & Life, Switzerland has published the experience of DN about Vitamin-A deficiency in this area in their news letter of 2004. Community eye health journal has published three article of DN.

  1. Dealing with pediatric cataract,
  2. Experience with Pediatric Cataract, and
  3. Mobile Vs. static vision center.

Some other Publications by Drashti Netralaya in Various Journals are

  1. Sight & Life, Newsletter
  2. Ocular Trauma, Grafes’ archives of clinical ophthalmology
  3. Traumatic Cataract, IJO
  4. Case Report, IJO

This success is just the visible tip of an iceberg. The hidden secret is the supporting team with an unflagging dedication and sincerity. Here the team of DN comprises o patients, donors, supporters, doctors, staff members, volunteers, all other NGOs, Government organizations and you. Without their valuable support this wouldn’t have been possible.

London based International Journal “Community Eye Health

Dealing with Paediatric Cataract at Drashti Netralaya

Mobile Vs Static Vision Center

Sight & Life, Switzerland Published about Vit A deficiency of this area