Pediatric Ophthalmology Services, Mobile Eye Clinic

According to a WHO study, globally about 285 million people have visual impairment, including 39 million individuals who are blind and an additional 246 million who have poor vision. Drashti Netrayala has been passionately pursuing to provide basic eye care to the population of Dahod. We have actively tried to improve the facilities to cater to the second largest tribal community in India. The treatments are offered either at minimal affordable cost or no cost at all.  Also, The International Training & Research Centre conducts clinical and operational research as well as training is imparted by international faculty regularly thus to combat the huge gap in the demand of ophthalmologists. We have joined hands with local community to create awareness among mass population as well.

Every 20 Seconds, one person goes blind in India and a Child goes blind every   minute.

Drashti netralaya started working with the dream of blindness free zone with quality concern and single standard of care for all whether the person is rich or poor.

It works in spirit of collabration with local communites, 69 % of which is tribal. It gives free of cost services to poor tribal patients. The treatment includes free of cost examination, treatment and surgery, glasses, medicines, transport, food, toys and ancillary services.

Its a ray of hope in the economically backward interior areas of the world..

Areas of Working As Shown in map below,

Drashti Netralaya is located at the junction of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Bhil tribe is dominant tribe here. It falls under second largest tribal belt of India.

Residence: People over here reside in villages with falia system. Each falia are consisting of 2-4 cottages.

Games: Children play with very sharp objects like arrows…

Food: They eat food which contains mainly maize without any oil incorporation in food.

Transport: Proper transport facilities are not available.

Work: They do labor job mainly, along with monsoon dependent agriculture work. During the time they migrate for the labor job.



Organization details

Name of Organization:Opthalmic Mission Trust Address:Chakalia Road, Dahod – 389151 Gujarat, India Phones:91-2673-251100,  645364, 223756 Fax:91-2673-221232, 246953 e-mails:,      

Organization Profile


Date of Non-Formal Starting:29/03/1992

Date of Registration:03/06/1999

Registration Number:E/2976/PANCHMAHAL(E/1232/DAHOD)

FCRA Number:042010004

Date of Registration as Govt. Base Hospital:05/11/2001

12 A Registration:BRD/Exemption/110-01-0/99-2000

80 G Registration:BRD/CIT-III/104-0/2002-20012


Areas of Working:

  • Patient eye health care at base hospital (Drashti Netralaya)
  • Rural Eye health care.
  • Education
  • Research
  • Awareness Generation
  • Rehabilitation


  • Single standard of care for all.
  • Quality eye care services at no or minimal affordable costs.
  • Community eye health care services for prevention and cure of blindness including patients’ education and awareness.

Services of Base Hospital:

  • Departments at Base Hospital
  • Cataract Department
  • Glaucoma Department
  • Medical & Surgical Retina
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • Strabismus Department
  • Oculoplasty services
  • Cornea Services
  • Low vision Aids
  • Contact lenses and ocular prosthesis
  • Ocular Oncology Department

Rural Eye Health Care :

  • Mobile camps
  • Mobile Eye Hospital
  • School Eye Health
  • Door to Door services
  • Rural referral network.

Awareness Generation:

  • Awareness generation amongst various groups like community volunteers, doctors, paramedics, government workers, ICDS workers, NGO directors, Press reporters, pensioners association
  • Print and Electronic Media
  • IEC material
  • One to one counseling
  • Amongst various groups


  • Post Graduate Training Institute-DNB Ophthalmology
  • Post M S Fellowships in all subspecialities
  • Paramedical trainings like Diploma and Degree optometry
  • Community Eye Technicians
  • Other short term trainings for ophthalmic assistants and community workers.
  • Ophthalmic Nursing courses


  • Presentations and Publications at State, National and International Forums.
  • Research projects are going on various areas.
  • Unique Medical Record Department
  • Online Electronic Medical Records-a first of its own kind in the state.

Other Salient Features:

  • 80% free and 20% paying
  • Daily Free OPD
  • Canteen-Free Food for Free patiens
  • Ren-Basera-Dharmashala for patients from Distant areas.
  • HMIS and EMR.