Thanks to wonderful supporters like you, more than 15, 000 people have had their sight restored in this area. These amazing results were due to the tireless efforts of our supporters, and our working team. Initially, the work hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been extremely rewarding! “People are very grateful or treatment offered. They can wait for days without complaining. The joy expressed when the bandage is removed is sometimes very touching and tremendous eye opener to the whole community. “People are no longer forgotten, they are not rejected. Through your gifts, DN has worked and the love and concern of our Lord has been expressed vividly by the work performed. It is indeed, a privilege to be a tool, channeling the mercy of Almighty to one of the world’s most destitute people. We’d like to thank all supporters for your gifts for making the eye work done in this area successful and worthwhile. Some of the world’s poorest and most neglected people have received sight again and thereby improved quality of life, thanks to you!”