Awareness Generation About Eye Diseases

Awareness generation about eye diseases is the need of this area because of illiteracy, ignorance towards eye health, unawareness and superstition. A section of the society of this area still leads in the corner of the world where they are not ready to believe that sight can be restored after cataract surgeries! Thus awareness would pay as an investment towards prevention of blindness in this area.

Field Diary – Experience

As usual Drashti Netralaya outreach team went to one of the interior most villages for door to door call of the patient. Where they saw old couple blind just because of bilateral mature cataract in both eyes. On advice of surgery they said that “This white motor car people will drive us somewhere and they will fix us in a wall”! Strange

Primary School Teacher’s Training

SHG Leader’s Training



Awareness Generation about Eye Donation

The eye collection center of Drashti Netralaya is actively engaged in activities aimed at educating the public on the importance and necessity for eye donation because…

There are currently 15 million blind people in India out of which 4.6 million (34%) of this suffer from corneal blindness. Which is potentially curable condition? In our tribal area this percentage is little higher because of Vitamin-A deficiency which is the key factor for corneal blindness in this area.

So come on and join us for eye donation campaign.

Pledge forms are readily available at Drashti Netralaya.

Your eyes donated after your demise, can help to provide the gigt o slight to 2 BLIND persons.

Act now – Pledge your eyes!