We are thankful to Late shri Navinbhai M Desai and Mr. Nirav N Desai for supporting the department

A world Health organization publication in 1997-98 started that the number of people with low vision is likely to grow very rapidly and could double by the year 2020 unless preventive action is expanded. There is growing recognition that people with severe low vision who do not receive rehabilitation care often experience the same loss of ability to function in family, school, work and community live as people who are blind. DN recognizes the need for a concentrated research-based approach to rehabilitate persons with low vision problems. Since the DN is already a center for treating the whole spectrum of eye diseases it is natural that it also became a referral center for low vision problem. This center is therefore setup with the goal of providing comprehensive low vision care and enhancing the quality o life of people with low vision.


  • Counseling
  • Supportive services
  • Mobility
  • Daily living skills Money Identification
  • Home Management
  • Educational placement
  • Vocational placement

Rehabilitation provides hope to the visually impaired Thanks to Dr. Rajiv Khadekar & Dr. Lea Hyvarinan rehab-3