School of Optometry & Technicians: Community Opthalmic Technicians

An integral part of Drashti Netralaya is its community outreach programs which provide different strategies for taking eye care service to the doorstep of the community. They provide curative, preventive and rehabilitative care to the community along with awareness programs to improve service delivery to the community. These community ophthalmic technicians in turn will facilitate all out reach activities of Drashti Netralaya. They learn here about Mas screening of patients, Vision checkup during school screening activities, Checkup of patient during camps, Organizing camps, Canvasing for camps, Dealing with school authorities, Awareness generation, Blindness survey, Door to door call, Working in mobile units. The purpose of training these technicians are to prevent the blindness, creating human resources, to provide services to tribal poor people at their door steps.





After training I have developed of efficiency quality work, team work, leadership quality, responsibility and how to use the man power in a better way. I have also learned result oriented work pattern and personal development skills. For that I am grateful to ORBIS International, Sight Savers international and Drashti Netralaya for this opportunity given to me.


According to Vision 2020, 40,000 technicians are needed as compared to 10,000 ophthalmic surgeons in India for prevention of blindness


Mr. Estiak Khan’s Experience:

I am very shy person. But after training I exposed to newer atmosphere which has given me self confidence. During training I learned about many things

like pediatric out reach activity, counseling. The training has opened up my

vision of developing vision center at my interior village which will help many

more people at their door step.