Broadens the knowledge and develops the skills of eye care professional


Training vision instrument as well as the need to develop human resource there should be training at all level. Training fulfills the aim and objectives of the organization. It helps to sharpen the knowledge as well as to bring out so many hidden qualities of a person. Every third blind human being in the world is an Indian. Our country needs 40, 000 eye specialists. In reality, there are only about 8000. What are the implications of these disturbing facts? Medical schools in India will have to train more ophthalmologists. The precious time available to ophthalmologists should not be frittered away in tasks easily performed by non-medical personnel. Modern techniques that have achieved success in combating eye disease in the west should be taught and incorporated into our practice. It is with these objectives that Drashti Netralaya established the training center. Which is facilitated by Hostel, Seminar Room, Auditorium and library also.