School of optometry, technicians and opthamlic nursing

Ophthalmic Technician and paramedical professionals are trained to relieve the highly qualified ophthalmologists of many of their routine functions. While optometrists prescribe glasses routinely, they also provide low vision aids for visually impaired, perform vision screening for eye disorders in schools and work places, actively participate in public awareness program and help to rehabilitate the blind.

Well trained optometrists can take care of many routine visual problems leaving qualified ophthalmologists to handle the mor complicated medical and surgical aspects of eye diseases.

Mr. Harshad Upadhyay, ophthalmic technician of Drashti Netralaya was sent to Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai for Orthoptic Training. He says…



Before training I had no experience of pediatric work-up and squint. Under training I came to know how to deal with pediatric patients. After coming back DN I am doing all pediatric and squint work out. I am dedicating this training to Drashti Netralaya who sent me. I am ever grateful to ORBIS International, Sankara Nethralaya and Drashti Netralaya that has change my life“.




Mr. Avadh Parikh’s Experience:

I am the first student of Drashti Netralaya D.O.T. (Diploma Ophthalmic Course). When I join Drashti Netralaya I was very shy and introverted person. I felt the training at DN was very strict which sometime allowed me to think to run away. After 3 years of training I have received so many things from Drashti Netralaya which has increased my confidence along with the educational training. Now I am able to present my self in front of many people as well as patients.