We are thankful to ORBIS International providing the Training by International Faculties to Drashti Netralaya Doctors’ at the door step. In 2003 Dr. Robert Sargent and Miss Venus Barak came for Strabismus HBP and in 2005 Dr. Aaron Fay, Miss Tine, Miss Keran and Miss Tanya came for Oculoplasty Training

Objectives of Strabismus Training :
  • To train and educate doctors at Drashti Netralaya, Dahod for pediatric eye care services in field of strabismus, as strabismus (squinting eye) is the most neglected clinical condition despite being one the major causes for pediatric blindness.
  • To provide services to tribal people of surrounding area of Dahod with expertise of Dr. Robert Sargent with help of ORBIS International.
Objectives of Oculoplasty Training :
  • To train and educate doctors’ of Drashti Netralaya in this special field as it is a major concern of young age people for cosmetic look as well as prevention of vision in some of the cases.

For all this type of training Drashti Netralaya arrange the camps, did the awareness in this area about the particular disease before few months. People approached from very far distance. All the patients were screened, treated and operated if needed. All the patients were followed by the same faculty with the instruction to the DN Doctors. Along with CME (Continuous Medical Education Program) arranged for other ophthalmic surgeons of the country.

Hands on Training

Training of Other Doctors and Paramedics

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Dr. Shreya Shah Says:

“Thank you” to ORBIS International Dr. Sargent and Dr. Aaron Fay are just the words which are not able to express my gratitude towards them. After training my skill and confidence have increased very much. Not only me, but the whole team of Drashti Netralaya and the people of Dahod and surrounding are ever grateful to you.