The eyes stationed prominently in front of our face search the outside world usual information for the brain to store and interpret. While this arrangement may be the best outpost for gathering visual information, it is also dangerous. Prone to accidental injuries, the soft and delicate structure of the eye cradled inside two hollow bowls of bone called the sockets or orbits. The eyelids also protect the eye as well as helping to keep it constantly moistened with a thin film of tears. Ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery is a specialized of the ophthalmic

Oculoplastic Surgeries in Dahod

It deals with the management of deformities and abnormalities of the eyelids, the tear (lacrimal) systems, the orbit (the bony cavity housing the eye) re.and the surrounding ares of the face. Baggy eyelids, drooping brows, eyes that open too wide, eyes that either turn outward or inward, scars, tumours and injuries are some of the eyelid disorders tackled by this department routinely. The department also has the expertise to perform complicated surgeries like orbitotomies to remove tumours of the socket.

The eyes are cradled inside a bone cavity called the orbit. The eyeball is protected by any dangerous conditions by eyelids in the front. Oculoplasty deals with correction of abnormalities of the orbit, eyelids and the lacrimal system. The most common condition of the droopy eyelids (ptosis) which may persist from childhood (at birth) or developed later in life can be treated surgically. There are various other deformities which can be successfully operated to improve functionality as well as appearance of an individual.

The ocuplasty department at Drashti Netralaya has well trained oculoplastic surgeons who possess in depth knowledge the anatomy and function of the eye structure, therefore are ideal to perform oculoplastic surgeries.


Patients Experience:

Father of Kanak Says…

“My son Kanak Dabhi is 30 years old. He has small left eye since childhood after injury. We went to many doctors including best oculoplastic surgeons of Gujarat. We went to other state also for his treatment. Finally with hope we went to camp organized by Drashti Netralaya. The date of surgery given in camp and he got operated well. After his surgery coloured cosmetic lens was put on his eye and now he looks normal. All the treatment including operation at DN done free of cost. We are thankful to DN doctor.

Mrs. Mehmooda Holia (Advocate) Says…

I am a legal practitioner in panchmahal District court. My daughter had injury in her left eye in 1999. We brought to many doctors and 11 surgeries done on her eye. We have spent more than 1.5 lacs rupees. But her eye got smaller and smaller. Finally we approached DN where doctor assured about my daughter for her perfect cosmetic correction. After surgery at DN my daughter looks perfect and they have talk minimal change. I am grateful to DN and its team.