School Eye Screening

Pediatric Eye care – The NEED The prevalence of childhood blindness assures significance because of number of years the child has to remain blind or disable are more as compared to aged.

The fact is nearly half of the childhood blindness could either be prevented or easily corrected. There are estimated 1.4 million blind children in the world. Here at and surrounding of Dahod there are different senario than the most of developed world and metropolitan cities


Retrospective analysis of pediatric eye care work at Drashti Netralay is reflecting that the number of blind and disable child per thousand children are more here (13 children/1000 children) as compared to 6-7 by National stand and 3 by international standard. Here every child is not going to school.

They are not given luxuries of life what middle class and upper class children receive and The tragedy here is, the child is left at home to take care of blind aged person and cattle so running the life of child also.


The Aim is to prevent and restore sight by strengthening the capacity of local partner in their efforts to prevent and treat blindness. More than two decade ago ORBIS began with a converted DC-8 air craft, known as the flying eye hospital, ad a vision of a world where no child was needlessly blind.

ORBIS started as plane base training program and established hospital based training program in places where plane could not go. No longer imited to an air port or a local hospitals ORBIS entered cyberspace with their unique Telemedicine initiative CYBER SIGHT.

In a WHO meeting held in 1997, the estimated the numbers of blind children was revised to 1.4 million. 45% of blind children were blind from avoidable causes and that the pattern of causes varied widely between and even within countries. The fact is nearly half of the childhood blindness could either be prevented or easily corrected.

However, the statistics is even more shocking in the surrounding area of Dahod where at least 13 per 1000 children who are either blind or visually impaired. Children suffer from Vitamin A deficiency, ROP, glaucoma, cataract and other refractive errors. We also undertake school eye screenings and mobile camps to examine and provide treatments to resolve all the child related eye diseases and deformities.


Cataract in children may be caused by infection, metabolic imbalance, developmental abnormality, injury or hereditary. The surgery should be performed at earliest age.

VITAMIN-A DEFICIENCY: This is the comenest problem of this area because of their food habits without edible oil. Green leafy vegetables, carrot, pappiya can prevent the blindness.

ROP: Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) can occur in prematurely born babies. Some cases of ROP progress relentlessly into potentially blinding disease. At Drashti Netralaya the treatment of ROP is done.

CONSTANT WATERING OF EYES:Congenital dacryocystitis is a condition in which the passage of tears from the eye to the nose is blocked which leads to excessive watering of the eyes. This condition can be easily managed either by message on the tears area near the bridge of the nose or surgery.

GLAUCOMA:In congenital glaucoma increased pressure in the eye leads to optic nerve damage and blindness. The child’s eye looks bigger. Early diagnosis prevents the vision.

SQUINT: Squint eye in child leads to Amblyopia (lazy eye) optical correction or surgery can prevent this.PTOSIS: Drooping of lid causes Amblyopia. Early surgical correction can prevent this.


  • Your child has an obvious squint.
  • Your child complains of eye strain and headache.
  • Your child’s eyes water consistently.
  • Your child holds objects very close to the eyes.
  • Your child closes his eye in bright light.
  • Your child sees double vision.
  • Your child’s cornea is hazy.
  • Your child is unable to see the blackboard at school.
  • Your child is premature.
  • Your child has blurred vision.



Patients Experience:

  6 Years old, Sandip was blind since one year. He was left at home neglected because of migration of his father for labour job. There his father met other child operated at Drashti Netralaya which tempted the father of Sandip to bring him at DN. Sandip got operated at DN for cataract of his both eyes. Now Sandip is playing happily like normal children and he has joined the school also.