Telemedicine Service Network in Dahod

R V Desai telemedicine center supported by NPCB- Delhi. Inaugurated by Dr A S Rathore –Director general health services, Delhi.

Telemedicine is an expanding field across many areas of the medical community. Telemedicine allows health professionals to provide clinical health care in distant rural communities which cannot consistently have access to medical services. The delivery of real time patient information is made possible with telecommunication and IT technology.

The telemedicine technology network transmits images of the patients which can be viewed by the ophthalmologists in order to provide a timely diagnosis and recommend a plan for treatment. In short, telemedicine removes many of the barriers that prevent people from actively managing their health.

Dr. Mehul at Drishti Netralaya is trained by Dr. Eugene Havelston to provide uninterrupted telemedicine service at the centre.

Inaugration of Telemedecine Center by Mrs. Mamta Verma – Collector Dahod, Mr. Sanjiv Kumar – (D.D.O.), Mr. S. L. Amrani(P.A.)


Training of Dr. Mehul by Dr. Eugene Havelston