Patients Experience:

Payal Says

I am Payal Jetapuriya. I have passed through a great experience. Before my operation my friends were teasing me “Badi” or “Dabhoi Line” and my teachers at school were partial toward me as far as school programs were concerned. After my operation done at Drashti Netralaya, my eyes are aligned and all friends talk to me nicely and the teachers also prefer me or many program.

I am Happy. The eyes are never truly still. Each eye is equipped with three pairs of taut, muscles. Capable of seven coordinated movement, they give mankind the most advanced tracking system in nature. Sometimes, the eyes stop working in tandem.

One eye strays inward, out word, up or down, while the other aims straight ahead, focusing properly. This lack of coordination between the two eyes is called strabismus, or simply squints or crossed eyes. Although squints are commonly seen in children, they can occur in adults also, due to diseases affecting the muscles or their nerve supply.

Sometimes squient may be lead to amblyopia or lazy eyes, a condition in which normal vision fails to develop in an eye. Amblyopia can also occur in a child if one eye has a high uncorrected refractive error (spectacle power) and the other eye is normal. Occasionally amblyopia can occur without any obvious case.


Prism Bars


Titmus Fly  

Hess’ Screen

Red Green Goggles

Titmus Vision Tester