Mobile Diagnostic Camps……… Ray of Light in deserted villages……

After emphasizing so much on the quality services to patients approaching to base hospital, we find that so many people are still deprived of the services given by DN because of unawareness, illiteracy, poverty and most important factor is negligence to eye health. The reason for the ignorance and negligence is, male earning member of the gamily migrates out so there is nobody at home to take care of diseased people mainly children and elderly. For them DRASHTI NETRALAYA is arranging mobile diagnostic camps, 12-15 camps per month in these villages. Announcement and canvassing of camps are done before one week in particular place of camp. The team of DRASHTI NETRALAYA reasches there well in advance with all equipments, necessary medicines and material.

India houses almost 40% of the world’s blind population. It is quite prominent that Indian population is highly ignorant about eye health when it should be one of paramount importance. The root cause for the increase in the numbers of patients with blindness in India is the insufficient mechanism for primary eye care.

Drashti Netralaya organises periodical mobile camps in the neighbouring remote villages in Dahod area to diagnose and treat tribal community. The team is well equipped with necessary equipment, medicines and material to offer standard quality of services. All patients are screened intensively and treated at the base hospital by trained professionals. This has proved to be an effective method to reach underprivileged population and thus creating a brighter future for them.

Camps at Interior Villages


Pediatric focused Camp


Activities at Camp Site:
  • All patients are screened intensively with quality assurance.
  • People who need emergency treatment are brought immediately to Base hospital.
  • People who need advance management are sent to base hospital where all investigations and treatment of these people are done free of cost.
  • Patients are scheduled for surgeries.
  • All scheduled patients are operated at base hospital free of cost giving priority to main earning member of family, poorest of poor and children.
  • All children are supplemented by Vitamin A capsules.
  • Awareness generation about eye health is done in mass through electronic Medias like television.

Drashti Netralaya provides best and latest free treatment to all camp patient in spite of being situated at very remote area of the country. A Missionary deep inside a jungle came across a witchcraft practitioner who was beating drums furiously. “What is the massage you want to convey ? Asked the missionary” We have no water,” replied the witch. “So you are praying for rain?” asked the missionary. “No,” snapped the witch. “I am sending massage for the plumber.” Moral : Being remote doesn’t mean to be undeveloped. Transforming Life with Drashti Netralaya…

                                                                                   Harish After Operation