We are thankful to D.D.O. Mr. Sanjivkumar & President D.R.D.A. Mr. A.D. Bagul   for supporting Childhood blindness survey.

In this survey 25 villages were selected with population of 700 to 1700 in a village. During survey full team including ophthalmic surgeon went to villages and screening, treatment and scheduling for surgeries were done. All the surgeries done free of cost at base hospital.

The benefit of this survey is the reduction of childhood blindness prevention and awareness of the people for eye diseases which in turn leads to blindness free villages. Or further prevention the analysis of the data is done.
Door to Door Call of the patient

After emphasizing so much on rural eye health care through mobile camps, mobile vision center, school screening and many more activities. Still the section o society left out in a corner of interior of villages without treatment. DN team reaches out these unreached by door to door call of patient. Screening tests done by Drashti Netralaya are simple, reliable and valid. Performance of screening tests is optimized however with adequate training of teachers. Teachers training are thus mandatory for school screening program to be a success. Thus the teachers are roles or prevention of childhood blindness.

We are thankful to DRDA Dahod