Eye ailments affect young and old, rich and poor alike. The reason is simple. We are but one beneath the skin. We suffer the same illness and we all long for a quick recovery to health. We need the same cures. But is it available to all of us?

In the era of rank consumerism in the medical field and the rise of the corporate hospital, Drashti Netralaya has unconditionally continued to offer the gift of sight to the poor completely free of cost with the help of philanthropic individuals and organizations.

Drashti Netralaya provides a vital component of free services to its most needy patients. The need for free services rose out of the concern to provide services to those that really need these and also coupled with the need is the aspect of affordability. Over the years in our work in this area we have found that there are hundreds of people that do not approach a hospital only because they have to cover traveling from a remote village into the town for treatment. On a daily basis patients that are poor are examined and treated for vision care at the base hospital free of cost.

A single standard of care for all

Whether it is in examining a patient performing sophisticated investigations or undertaking complex surgeries, the institution is of the firm belief that its free patients should get the same kind of treatment as that of paying patients.

Base Hospital

The hospital prefers to perform surgeries at the main hospital itself rather than operate in makeshift operation theaters in small towns villages where hygiene and sterility may be suspect. This concept also ensures that all patients are treated equally irrespective of their social and financial status.

Besides free consultation and surgery, patients are given free food and medicines during their stay in the hospital. After their discharge, the hospital provides meticulous postoperative care during their convalescence. Finally, every patient who is operated is given free glasses.