Tata Mobile Vision Center–   Supported by Tata

Smt. Shantadevi Kanaiyalal Agrawal Mobile Vision Center – Supported by ORBIS International & Shri K. G. Agrawal

Thanks to TATA, ORBIS & Shri K.G. Agrawal Family

Goals of Mobile Vision Center:

  1. To make facilities available to people who don’t have access to the same.
  2. To provide up-to-date eye care facilities at affordable rates or free of charge to poor people of remote area.
  3. To screen the population of a particular cluster.
  4. To clear cataract backlog and create a blindness free zone.
  5. To create awareness among people regarding common ocular problems and the effects of food on vision, as vitamin A deficiency is very common in this area.


  • Ophthalmic assistant/optometrist is running an out door on daily basis. He/She is screening the population for the causes of blindness such as refractive errors, cataract, retinal blindness, glaucoma and other problems. Any case which requires follow up, further investigation or medical or operative treatment is brought to base hospital.
  • All children in the population are examined and supplemented with Vitamin-A if found necessary. Awareness is being created for malnutrition arising from vitamin A deficiency as a root cause of blindness among children.
  • Blindness survey is on the way in each cluster.
  • Rehabilitating the blind.


  • The center offers both preventive and curative aspects of blindness.
  • Mobile Center is reaches in an area where the target population is residing, thereby long hours of travel to seek simple and primary mode of treatment are saved.
  • Improvement in visual hygiene and a drastic change in food habits.
  • Provision of a comprehensive package.
  • A connection is set with the base hospital at Dahod that is fully equipped thereby, is able to handle all types of ocular problems and complications.
  • A link, through telemedicine, with Drashti Netralaya, Dahod base hospital will provide the patients with high tech advanced treatment immediately.